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Regional Account Management Team (MPAMTs) handle all enquiries from MPs relating to immigration matters.

This page explains how to write to us by email or letter, what information you should give us, and how we will respond.

If your correspondence relates to an immigration or asylum application, we use our computer systems to match the constituent's details to the relevant Home Office file. That is why it is so important for you to supply as much information about the constituent as possible when you contact us.

You can track your correspondence via track your correspondence.

Email us at

You can email your Regional Account Management Team using the following email addresses.

London South East -

Midlands and East of

North East Yorkshire and


Scotland and Northern

Wales and South West -

How to write to us

MPs can choose to write to the Minister of State for Immigration and Security or directly to the UKVI.

We aim to reply to 95% of formal correspondence within 20 working days.

You can post a letter to us using either the Government Mail Service (which is free from the parliamentary estate) or Royal Mail:

Government Mail Service
Central Point of Receipt
Lunar House
40 Wellesley Road
Royal Mail
Central Point of Receipt
PO Box 1586

Please always use the PO Box number when using Royal Mail as this ensures your letter is processed more efficiently, which will enable us to respond more quickly.

Alternatively you can email

What we need from you

The more information you give us, the quicker we can respond. Please provide:

  • applicant's full name
  • date of birth
  • Home Office reference
  • nationality (as on passport)
  • address
  • basic details about the status of their claim
  • country the applicant was in before entering the UK
  • similar information for any associated family members