MP Account Managers (MPAM)

MPAMs were established in 2009, to provide a more personal service to MPs on their immigration matters.

MPAM services include:

  • handling more complex or compelling immigration cases, including those sent to the Minister’s Private Office
  • arranging visits with MPs or their caseworkers
  • organising regional MP caseworker events

All MPs have been appointed a MPAM. MPAMs should be the first point of contact on any urgent immigration related matters.

MP Account Manager contact details:

London & South East

Sarah Hanrahan
07500 051 127

Sarah Wells
07500 918 082

Midlands & East of England

Maxine Minister
07909 873 049

North West

Sharon Mason
07795 605 683

North East, Yorkshire and the Humber

Lisette Sokell-Morgan
0114 207 3633

Scotland and Northern Ireland

Toby Newton
07796 351 488

Wales and South West

Helen Hurley
07500 921 456